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Vice Chair Margaret Angela Franklin Statement on the Resignation of Supervisor Pete Candland

I deeply appreciate all my colleagues and the vast experiences they bring to the Board of Supervisors. With over ten years of serving the Gainesville District, Supervisor Candland brought his unique experience to the Board chambers and this County. While Pete and I have not always agreed on policy, I know he served his constituents with sincerity. I am grateful for our relationship that has evolved over the years and the many conversations he and I have had this year working together on pedestrian safety initiatives and restoring civility within politics.
I commend Pete for having his constituents in mind while making this difficult decision. I wish Pete, Robyn, and their children the best.
Yours in service,

Margaret Angela Franklin

Woodbridge District Supervisor

Contact: Woodbridge District Supervisors Office
2701 Neabsco Common Place, Suite 150
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Office Phone: 703-792-4646
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